Canberra Backyard Poultry


The ACT has very sensible laws covering the keeping of poultry.

As a first point of reference, see the Animal Welfare (Welfare of Poultry: Non-Commercial) Code of Practice 2010
This is a really great comprehensive guide to chicken keeping and a must-read for people who have or are thinking of keeping chickens in the ACT.

Other relevant links below.

ACT Health
Keeping Poultry fact sheet

Animals are exempt from noise regulations under the Environment Protection Act 1997 (Part 1, Section 8d), but are instead covered by the Domestic Animals Act 2000  (Part 6 covers Animal nuisances).
The TAMS website covers complaints about animal nuisances.

Welfare Legislation
Animal Welfare Act 1992
Animal Welfare (Welfare of Captive Birds Code of Practice) 1995
Animal Welfare Regulation 2001

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